3 keys to keeping your New Year’s resolutions

3 Tips for Making Resolutions You Can Keep

If your New Year’s resolutions are typically an afterthought by the time February rolls around, that could be because they weren’t set up for success.

To make resolutions you can keep:

Be specific. Don’t have a vague resolution to “lose weight.” Set a specific weight loss goal, such as losing five pounds in the next three months. You could also set a goal that supports weight management, like going to an exercise class twice a week or filling half your dinner plate with fruits and vegetables six days a week.

Be realistic. It’s good to aim high, but an unrealistic goal is likely to bring frustration. Set a goal you can keep and build on it. Perhaps start with a lunchtime walk three days a week. Then aim to walk for a longer period of time, a longer distance, or on more days of the week.

Be ready for obstacles. Schedule changes and unplanned events can disrupt your routine and put resolutions in jeopardy. Think about how your resolution fits into this change. If you fall off track, don’t give up. Look at why it happened, learn from it, and try again.

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