8 great ways to encourage healthy eating during the workday

Eight Ways to Promote Healthy Eating At Work

Whether your employees are working at home or in the office, you can encourage them to make healthy eating choices:

Promote water.

Encourage employees to keep a water bottle by their desks or in their work area. You might want to give them a water bottle or cup with the company logo on it to encourage hydration throughout the day.

Relay smart snacking tips.

Provide information about healthy snacks, like fresh fruit, low-fat popcorn, low-fat yogurt, or baby carrots with hummus dip.

Encourage a lunch break.

Trying to power through the day without eating lunch can leave employees less alert and productive, as well as extremely hungry and prone to making poor dietary choices later in the day. Encourage them to make time for a healthy lunch.

Make fruit convenient.

For employees on-site, offer a selection of apples, bananas, pears, or other fruits at the company cafeteria or in break rooms. Display them attractively and prominently.

Discount healthy options.

Give employees a price break on healthy options in vending machines or the company cafeteria.

Put away the candy jar.

Regularly grabbing a few pieces of candy during the day adds up to a surprising number of calories. Don’t tempt employees by setting out a candy jar.

Educate workers.

Provide information and educational materials (like this month’s LivingRight bulletin and poster) that describe what a balanced diet looks like and how to improve eating habits. In addition to leading to better health, choosing healthy foods helps workers feel full longer and avoid a sugar crash.

Share ideas.

Build team spirit with a healthy recipe exchange or schedule an online Healthy Happy Hour where workers share tips on how to make their favorite dishes.

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