Job seekers reveal what they want in a post-pandemic workplace

By: Judy Kneiszel

Publication: Employee Relations Management Today

Date Posted: 06/02/2021

Post-pandemic job seeker survey

The results of a recent survey make the challenges of hiring in the post-pandemic era sound like a tricky yoga pose.

Workers today want companies to take a stand while also being flexible.

Nearly 209,000 workers in 190 countries—including more than 6,300 workers in the U.S.—participated in a survey which was a joint effort between Boston Consulting Group and The Network, an online recruitment alliance. The survey asked what workers want from employers.

Here are some of the survey’s findings from U.S. respondents:

  • 51 percent (56 percent of those under 30) said they would exclude a company from their job search if its values and stance on diversity and inclusion (D&I) didn’t match their own beliefs.
  • 63 percent (72 percent of U.S. respondents 30 and younger) agreed that D&I became more important over the last year.
  • 14 percent would prefer to work completely on-site.
  • 50 percent would prefer a combination of both remote and on-site work arrangements.
  • 35 percent would prefer to work completely remote compared to 24 percent of respondents globally.

When asked to rank top job preferences, U.S. workers listed:

  • Good work-life balance
  • Job security
  • Financial compensation

How to leverage this information

While it’s never wise to make false promises to a job candidate, it’s possible to garner more interest in your organization’s open positions by emphasizing any of the survey’s “wants” that you are able to deliver.

You likely don’t have the power to single handedly change your company’s policy on remote work, or the ability to snap your fingers and make your workplace diverse and inclusive if it’s not. Being aware that these issues are, and will continue to be, important to job seekers, however, may help you advocate for some long-term changes in your organization.

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