New DOT medical form required starting September 7

By: Daren Hansen

Publication: Transportation Regulatory Alert

Date Posted: 08/30/2021

Encourage medical examiners to use the new form starting September 7, 2021

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has released a new version of its Medical Examination Report form, also known as the “long form,” with a September 7, 2021, compliance deadline.

The updated form includes a variety of minor technical changes, the most prominent of which is removal of the driver’s gender from Section 1. The new form was part of a larger package of technical corrections to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations issued July 7, 2021.

The new medical form retains the “OMB expiration date” of 11/30/2021 in the upper-right corner. This means the form will need to be updated yet again before the end of November this year.

60-day grace period

Because the changes were considered “technical,” and because the FMCSA assumes most medical examiners use the form electronically, the agency felt it was unnecessary to give much advanced warning. The FMCSA provided only a 60-day grace period during which the old version of the medical form could still be used.

“Use of the revised form will become effective 60 days after [July 7, 2021] to provide sufficient time for the public to make any necessary information technology changes,” the agency wrote.

In addition to removing a question about the driver’s gender, the FMCSA made minor formatting changes to correct errors and promote consistency in the style of bullet points and quotation and apostrophe marks, use of bolding and italics, and use of a forward slash instead of a comma.

OMB expiration

The expiration date in the upper corner indicates when the FMCSA loses its authority from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to require use of the form. That authority must be renewed every few years. The current approval for both the medical long form and the medical certificate (wallet card) expires on November 30, 2021. There is no word yet on when the forms will be updated with a new OMB expiration date.

Motor carriers are encouraged to ensure their medical examiners are using the new form starting September 7, 2021. In addition, watch for news of another new medical form and certificate later this year.

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