Unassigned driving time is driving me nuts

By: Tom Bray

Publication: Transportation Safety Management Today

Date Posted: 07/10/2019

Carriers- avoid unassigned driving time

There are things a carrier can do to avoid unassigned driving time (unassigned driving time is created when a driver using an electronic log moves the vehicle without being logged in). These are the choices available to prevent it, including…

  • Assign a driver account to all personnel that might move a vehicle. If you are not willing to do this, unassigned driving time will be unavoidable.
  • Have drivers use the special driving categories on the ELD. This way, they will not have to log out when the driving time needs to be on a different duty line, such as off duty during personal use and on duty during yard moves. If the carrier is using an AOBRD, this is not an option as they do not have the special driving categories so there will be unavoidable unassigned driving time created that must be dealt with in the back office.
  • Work with the drivers. Counsel and/or retrain drivers when they forget to log in, log out early, or they are not logging in for movements they mistakenly believe they do not need to be logged in for, such as personal use and yard moves.

Key to remember: All unassigned driving time must be assigned or explained. There is no third option.

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