Get the information you need to help keep drivers and vehicles compliant and safe during Roadcheck 2019



DOT Enforcement Essentials Manual 



Use the DOT Enforcement Essentials manual to aid in compliance efforts on and off the road.


  • Get thorough, easy-to-understand coverage of roadside inspections, safety evaluations, interventions and self-audits
  • FMCSA’s Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) initiative and overall DOT enforcement are covered in one comprehensive resource
  • Helps improve CSA BASIC scores, prepare for the annual Roadcheck enforcement program, and enhance company reputation
  • Includes helpful tools such as audit checklists, best practices, regulations and inspection procedures


Everyday Vehicle Maintenance Management Manual



Use the Everyday Vehicle Maintenance Management manual to prepare for the steering and suspension focus of this year's roadcheck.


  • Develop a preventive maintenance program, which includes the steering and suspension systems, to avoid problems on the road
  • Train drivers on conducting pretrip and post-trip inspections, including inspecting the steering and suspension systems
  • Read word-for-word regulations and plain English explanations related to the steering and suspension systems (§393.207 and §393.209)